End of Summer



Visual identity system for End of Summer, a new festival affected by the global pandemic of COVID-19.

End of Summer was supposed to be a new festival celebrating music, food, and local creators. We created the identity system for the first edition of the festival, finding our inspiration in the joyous atmosphere of the last warm days of the season.

The design system is cooked using three principal ingredients: neutral typography, contrasting colors, and geometric illustrations of the sun accompanied by the custom logotype reminiscent of the typographic treatment of retro soda cans. Tied together, the elements serve as a visual metaphor of the ending season, a period of time when the solar days shorten and the temperatures start to fall.


To promote the event, we designed a series of posters combining all graphical elements together. Modular structure paired with a functional grotesk allowed us to make the layouts dynamic and rhythmical. In addition to the printed matter, we created festival's merchandise including t-shirts and stickers featuring custom lettering.

As a result, we created a playful, typographically-driven visual system that reflects the festival’s positive nonchalant vibes.


Art Director & Designer

Marina Kondratenko

Senior Designer

Anna Kabanina


The Brand Identity

Motion Design

Danya Kharchenko

3D Visualization

Valentina Parshikova